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We identify key differences in the expression and subcellular distribution of SynGAP isoforms!!

SynGAP Splice Variants Display Heterogeneous Spatio-Temporal Expression And Subcellular Distribution In The Developing Mammalian Brain

Journal of Neurochemistry web


We found distinctive developmental expression patterns for SynGAP isoforms in five mouse brain areas. Particularly noticeable was the delayed expression of SynGAP-α1 isoforms, which directly bind to PSD-95, in cortex and hippocampus during the first two weeks of postnatal development. Suggesting that during this period other isoforms would have a more prominent role. Furthermore, we observed subcellular localization differences between isoforms, particularly throughout postnatal development. Consistent with previous reports, SynGAP was enriched in the postsynaptic density in the mature forebrain. However, SynGAP was predominantly found in non-synaptic locations in a period of early postnatal development highly sensitive to SynGAP levels. While, α1 isoforms were always found enriched in the postsynaptic density, α2 isoforms changed from a non-synaptic to a mostly postsynaptic density localization with age and β isoforms were always found enriched in non-synaptic locations. The differential expression and subcellular distribution of SynGAP isoforms may contribute to isoform-specific regulation of small GTPases, explaining SynGAP pleiotropy.


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