Second Meting of the SynCogDis Network

The second meeting of the SynCogDis research network, coordinated by our group, will take place in Alicante the 28th and 29th of July in the context of the SENC (Sociedad Española de Neurociencias) meeting.

Methods Paper Published

We have published a methods paper describing the biochemical tools that we have developed over the years and use routinely in the lab to isolate synapses and sub-synaptic protein complexes for proteomic characterisation:

Rita Reig-Viader and Àlex Bayés. Quantitative In-Depth profiling of the Postsynaptic Density Proteome to Understand the Molecular Mechanisms Governing Synaptic Physiology and Pathology. Current Proteomic Approaches Applied to Brain Function. 2017 Human Press, Springer Protocols. ISBN 978-1-4939-7119-0.


In collaboration with several other groups from the Barcelona area we have  published the  article ‘Rett-like severe encephalopathy caused by a de novo GRIN2B mutation is attenuated by D-serine dietary supplement‘  in the prestigious journal Biological Psychiatry. In this article we show that hypofunctional NMDARs can contribute to Rett-like encephalopathy, and that their potentiation by D-serine treatment may underlie the associated clinical improvement.

HEY!! We published in Nature Communications!!

Our paper entitled ‘Evolution of complexity in the zebrafish synapse proteome’ has just been released in the web of Nature Communications. Read.



Just released the review about neurological conditions caused by genes expressed at the pre-synaptic boutton.


We have recently published the article ‘Synapse Proteomes and Disease: The MASC Paradigm‘ as part of the book ‘Neuronal and Synaptic Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability’ (Academic Press, 2016).

First meeting of the SynCogDis Network

The first meeting of the SynCogDis research network, coordinated by our group, will take place in Copenhagen the 3rd and 4th of July in the context of the FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Society) meeting.


Prof. Hannah Monyer Lecture

Hannah Monyer, from Heidelberg University (Germany), will close the first season of the ‘Neuronal Signaling and Synapses’ seminar series (2015-16).
Prof. Monyer will give her lecture on the 1st of March at 16.00 hours at the Aula Magna of the UB Medicine Faculty.

SynCogDis Network website launched

The new website for the ‘Synaptic role in cognitive disabilities’ network was launched on November 2015.

‘Connecting the growing brain’ workshop to take place 26th and 27th of November

On the 26 and 27 of November the Workshop ‘Connecting the growing brain’ focused on understanding neuropaediatric diseases through dysfunction of synaptic communication.

Workshop webpage.

Workshop program.