Present Lab Members

January 2022, La Mola (Alt. 1107m), with the sun on our faces !! (and my daugther Rita)

Principal Investigator       
ABayes   Àlex Bayés, Ph.D.
Research Staff
       Amalia Peñuela Suarez, M.Sc.


Postdoctoral Investigators
       Alba (Coming very soon!)
Ph.D. Students
      Diego del Castillo Berges
      Oriana Zerpa Rios, M.Sc. (co-supervised with Dr Nerea Roher, UAB)
      Ana Cazurro Gutierrez, M. Sc. (co-super. with Dr. B. Perez Dueñas, VHIR)
      Juliana Ribeiro Constante (co-super. with Dr. A. Garcia Cazorla, HSJD)


M. Sc. Students
      Albert Burgas Pau
      Daniel Arco Alonso




















Undergraduate Students
       Andrea Camí Bonet